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Highlight Duplicates in Excel

sometime we have to highlight Duplicates in excel and later work on them rather then deleting them using option " Remove Duplicates " .
here we will use " Conditional Formatting " for finding-out duplicates .

Use Excel as a Pocket Calculator

Sometimes you need to calculate a value before you enter it into your worksheet. Before you reach for your pocket calculator, you may like to know that Excel lets you enter a formula in a cell, and then use the result in that same cell. This way, the formula disappears and you're left with the result of the calculated value. This will not only save your time but also make you more efficient in excel because you won't need to open a separate application for finding out simple multiplications or other calculations.

Now Never miss to mention the subject in the mail

It happens many time that you write a mail but forgot to mention the subject. I know it is embarrassing to send an important official mail without a subject. It has happened to me also when I used to do it a lot and I remember my Manager making strange faces at me.

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