Function to find Unique Items in a list

It happens many times when you are writing a Macro and you need to find the unique items out of the a range of items. Suppose you have an excel sheet that has the employee ids of you the people working in a company but the list has duplicate entries. Though there is a feature in excel where you can just display the unique name but to do the same using Macro you need to write a code. This is required whenever you are dealing with duplicate items in a list but you are only interested in the unique values.

The below code take range of items that has duplicate value and return the range of unique items. Use this code anywhere in your Macro.

Function UniqueItemList(InputRange As Range, _
    HorizontalList As Boolean) As Variant
Dim cl As Range, cUnique As New Collection, i As Long, uList() As Variant
    On Error Resume Next
    For Each cl In InputRange
        If cl.Formula <> "" Then
            cUnique.Add cl.Value, CStr(cl.Value)
        End If
    Next cl
    UniqueItemList = ""
    If cUnique.Count > 0 Then
        ReDim uList(1 To cUnique.Count)
        For i = 1 To cUnique.Count
            uList(i) = cUnique(i)
        Next i
        UniqueItemList = uList
        If Not HorizontalList Then
            UniqueItemList = _
        End If
    End If
    On Error GoTo 0
End Function

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